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Survey thing

Journalis and fill this in -

You are at a junction. You can go North, which looks as though it leads through a woodland path into a rather cosy looking grotto type area, or you can go West, which leads down a sturdy looking stone pathway opening out into a massive Aztec temple

I will take the temple right now. I would want the cosy area if things around me were more cosy. I'll have the options open instead.

Choose one of

Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Brown, Black : Orange
Love, Peace, Truth, Dreams : Love. Or maybe truth.
War, Destruction, Betrayal, Lies : Destruction.

Favourite cow? Black and white.
Egg? Hard Boiled.

What side do you sleep on? Hmm. I sleep mostly sprawled across the middle of the bed right now. If I'm with someone, I like to sleep on the right of the bed (facing it) because then i can look at them as I fall to sleep <3

Do you draw your curtains in the morning? Nope :D

What colour underwear do you have on? Black.

Your most wanted gift this year? A new job :p or pirates *yarrr*

Your favourite Christmas Decoration this year? Hmm, tricky one, probably my snowman, or my little bird in a box thing.

Fate, or personal decisions? Fate.

Raucaus night out or cosy night in? Cosy night in.

And avast, that's all the questions I want to think up for now.


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Dec. 18th, 2003 07:26 am (UTC)
Hehe i didn't think you would ask it ;).
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