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Hello update fans!

It's me again.  Today Suzy had another mouse.  It was outside, but still a mouse.  Dead today. So that's dead, alive, dead.  I hope for no mouse tomorrow.  They seem to have become efficient mouse catchers all of a sudden, probably because next door insists on peppering the area with chunks of bread for the birds (even though bread is not great to give to birds, and just creates rubbish and encourages mice.)

Today the builders rang us up about our wardrobes.  They are trying to scam another three hundred and something quid out of us by claiming that we were quoted wrongly for the wardrobes originally and the ones they actually quoted for go across a smaller wall.  Hmm, bit ODD though that they didn't notice this when the head office signed off on the plans, even though they did notice quite a few other small picky details that they had the sales assistant re-write, such as words in the wrong place on the order form.  What a load of shite.

I have asked for the order to be cancelled and our money back, so we shall see.  

In other news, the movers dropped off a massive stack of boxes today in flat form, so we are totally swimming in boxes now.  There's boxes everywhere. 

Tomorrow is MOT test day.


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Oct. 22nd, 2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
How crap that they are trying to get more money out of you!
I know the boxes everywhere feeling.
Good luck with the mot.
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