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Jun. 18th, 2007

Hello everyone!

I am back home after my break! Tomorrow is back at work. booo!

Center Parcs was interesting. I did not appreciate the "villa" much. It was pretty shabby/grubby and some of the rooms were ridiculously small, even for a couple of kids. Also they provided very little for you. I think I expected a bit more in that respect.

The activites were fairly good in general. The organised ones perhaps overpriced really. Did archery (good but would have liked longer), Sherwood banquet (good fun, we dressed up and got really into it), laser combat (being rained on in field, fun for mindless pretending), and the spa (probably the best out of the organised stuff), and of course swimming (good during the week, stupid busy at weekend) then when mr bobs arrived did loads of stuff in one day (laser combat, driving range, snooker, badminton, swimming, bowling) basically on the go all day very tiring but fun and the non-organised stuff is reasonable value.

Then today as I was home and have no willpower I got a WII. hoorah!