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Yo Yo Yo Dawgs.

What's happening? I'm just at the end of a stinking horrible cold that's been with me for the last week. NOT fun. Going now though. Tomorrow my car goes in to the garage again for them to do some bits and pieces that will cost me too much of plenty dolla. Rubbish. I would trade it in but no other cars inspire me, even though I am bored of this one. Well that's not quite true, some other cars do inspire me, but they cost way too much. Roll on lotto win so I can get something fancy. YEAH.

What else is new? Not a lot. It was my mum's birthday at the weekend. So we were up in Leicester. The weather was fabulous, darling. It's also my sister and gran's birthday in this month. A lot of birthdays. What it is about that mid-year point where everyone must be sexing to make April babies I do not know.

I have new glasses. I've sort-of had them for a while, but they have been back to the opticians three times (with re-tests for me) to change the lenses, because they haven't been right. Now the perscription seems good but my eyes are getting tired each day and I had a headache today. Don't know if that is caused by them. hmm. Bad if it is. I would like to try contacts again but need the perscription to be right first. yes.



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Apr. 18th, 2007 06:17 am (UTC)
Borrowing the car is an interesting idea but I do not think Laura would like it much. No.

If our numbers come up then for sure you can have some cash. then you could have a super holiday in the uk. amongst other things.

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