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I am not sure if I like "vertigo" layout or not.

Tonight (or should I say tomorrow morning) I have planned on call work starting at 2AM. This is very annoying. I am not sure whether to stay up and wait, or go to bed first. But if I go to bed I will not sleep properly and that will not be good.

Laura just had to pay her car tax which cost 100 pounds. That is a large sum of money. boo. Mine will be due soon. Double boo.

My chocolates for my mum still have not been sent out. They will not get there now, I know it :| :| :|



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Mar. 18th, 2007 05:06 am (UTC)
Property taxes suck. I'm very grateful that the state I live in does not require me to pay a tax on my vehicle.

What all do you get taxed on? An aquaintance of mine who lives in London said she has to pay a really high tax to own a TV. That would never fly here. Good Lord, I think that's about the only thing that could start a riot here. (sad, isn't it?)
Mar. 18th, 2007 09:37 am (UTC)
ha, yeah. Some people call the TV licence a tax, but it is debatable. The reason for the TV licence is because it pays for the BBC TV channels and services, which most people watch on their TVs for free otherwise. The BBC is a state channel hence why there is a public fund for it. It's like 100 quid a year or something, not loads.

So yeah we just get taxed on normal stuff - council tax, which you pay on your house, VAT on goods, and tax on your wages. Oh and the car, and petrol. And probably some other stuff. ;)
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