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Suzy is darting about like a mad thing. The washing machine needs emptying. These are two events.

In other news, we got Laura a new camera (EOS 400D) and she has been playing around with it and taking snapshots. yaay! This is good.

I have spent ages on DPChallenge commenting and voting on the free study 13 images, trying to do all 617 of them, which takes an extra-ordinarily long time. Laura has become a DPChallenge widow.

In work news, I was awarded a 3.5% pay rise for this year. This is not bad. 5% would have been better, but the rumour is that some people are getting 0, so I guess 3.5 is ok. This equates to approximately 60 quid a month. So big spending for us now!

In milk news, I have discovered that I am not so allergic to normal milk as I thought. This is good, as it means that I can go back to drinking normal milk. On the downside, it means that I'm probably allergic to some other kind of foodstuff. heh.

In random news, we have 250 pounds of Argos vouchers that we need to spend, and this requires going to Argos when there's not a massive queue.