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Not posted for a while have I? Oh well.

Today I got home and only two cats were there to great me at the door. Bit odd, i thought, but figured one must be upstairs. Went upstairs, said Hello to Laura, didn't see cat. Went back down.

A bit later on Missy had still not appeared. Started to get concerned for Missy and so we searched the house. There was no Missy. Missy had gone :o

Under the sink there is a bit of loose wood. The cats sometimes go under there. Today Missy must have gone under there and then gone down a little hole that we didn't know existed and got under the floorboards :o

We had no way of getting to the hole because it's way in the corner, and Missy was not coming out.

We ripped up the lino in the kitchen. Underneath was a silly chipboardy type layer. sigh. We destroyed the chipboardy layer to get to the floorboards and were able to pry one up and look down. Couldn't see Missy. Put the camera down to take pictures, no sign of a Missy. I put some chicken next to the hole and we went away from it for a while to worry somewhere else, and when we went back to the hole a little Missy head appeared there!

Yaay! Missy reappeared. It took her about five minutes to come out of the hole. Missy is now reunited with us and her fellow cats. We have sealed up the bit of loose wood with two massive blocks that Suzy should not be able to move (she can move a normal brick. sigh.)




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Aug. 16th, 2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
How daring of Missy :o

I remember you and Laura posting when you first got them, and they used to hide upstairs, now they moving bricks and hiding under the floor!
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