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this week

This week we have mostly been looking after cats. Last weekend was both good and bad. It was good because we got the cats, but bad because I was on call and got called lots, mostly in the middle of the night. So I have been tired this week. Boo.

The cats have come out of their shells a bit. They prefer to stay behind the mattress in the day, but come out at night. Charlie is the most adventurous, and semi-recognises his name. He will sometimes come over to have a stroke if he feels like it. Sometimes he will run off. The two girls are a bit more backwards, none of them are ready for a stroke yet. Unfortunately Missy got her head stuck in a plastic bag handle last night and was scared because we tried to get close enough to remove it. But she seemed okay this morning.




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Nov. 6th, 2005 08:48 am (UTC)
ah, that reminded me why all the plastic bags in our house have the handles snipped. pain in the arse if you want to use them again, but fab for not having to rescue a weasel every 10 seconds. they LOVE placcy bags, the weirdos.
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