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Hi folk

I thought I would update, as I do not do this often.

This weekend, we went to see the Chinese State Circus with the funky Shaolin warrior dudes. I have never been to a circus that I can remember, so this was very cool. The acts were all quite amazing, they had people spinning on spikes and walking on wires and contorting and changing masks before your eyes, it was all very good. I would recommend going and viewing if you can.

Lately I have mostly been playing LEGO star wars. In this game you play out Star Wars Episodes 1,2 and 3 but all the characters and worlds in the game are made of LEGO. If you hit things, then they break apart into LEGO bricks. It's much fun.

We have neglected going to the cinema lately. We really need to go soon.

We have a man who is doing our fence, slowly. He is also clearing out the garden a bit. We no longer have a decaying old cooker littering up the garden, or hundreds of slabs and stuff. Fence panels should be here soon. Then we will have a complete fence, which we haven't had since Christmas. All for 600 UK pounds, which is half what some folk were after, and they weren't clearing the garden out.

The hallway has been somewhat plastered by my dad, there is a bit of artex left at the top which I may tackle tomorrow.

I have installed MSN 7. It looks like MSN 6.2 except with more stupid graphics. Oh well. I do not chat much to people on MSN these days.

Anything else anyone wants to know please ask.


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May. 2nd, 2005 08:15 am (UTC)
Photos please :)

I'm taking progress photos of our new house :)
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