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Today was interesting. We got up at about 10 and had a quick breakfast and then headed off to Buxton for a book fair. The weather was really really bad on the way over.

When we got to Buxton, there was a queue for about two miles that took almost an hour to get through :|

The reason seemed to be that there was a carnival on, and half the roads were closed. Panic ensued as we realised that we could not go down the indicated road to get to the book fair!

Nevertheless we valiantly drove on and around a bit and somehow we ended up just outside where we needed to be :D

We went in and looked around and I got myself three Iain Banks books at a pound each and Laura bought me The Eyre Affair again, for 2 pounds, which replaces the one that has gone missing. These were all good buys as they seem to have not been read. Laura also got some books and we went to have a quick snack.

I got a jacket potato with a mountain of cottage cheese on it, and laura had a sausage roll and we got two teas and it was 5 pounds 30 :|

Then we left that place and went over to Backwell. We followed the sign for the car park which goes like a mile out of town and then goes back in again :| We then parked and toddled around, Laura got Jane Eyre and we got some Tart and Pudding.

Then we came home and had Chinese. :D



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Jul. 17th, 2004 01:01 pm (UTC)
The chinese bit sounds fab :D.
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